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The following additional benefits are reserved to innovative start-ups:

Exemption from stamp duty and administration fees due for the registration in the Commercial Register and exemption from the annual registration fees charged by Chambers of Commerce;

  • The amounts paid to directors, employees or associates in the form of securities or right of option do not form part of the taxable income of the recipients;
  • the permanent employment contracts of highly qualified personnel are eligible to receive 35% tax credit up to a maximum of 200 thousand euro per year for each company;
  • the possibility to recruit staff on a fixed-term contract for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 36 months (extendable for further 12 months);
  • The 'carry forward' period of losses can be extended of 12 months. In case of reduction below the statutory minimum, the recapitalization plan may be deferred by the following year-end;
  • The innovative start-ups established in the form of s.r.l. have the option to use only institutions allowed only in the s.p.a., in particular, the self-determination of the rights granted to shareholders or the issue of equity instruments;
  • An exception to the absolute prohibition of transactions in own shares is made if the operation is carried out in order to implement incentive plans granting equity instruments to employees, contractors, members of the administrative or providers of work or services, including professional;
  • It is reserved the right to issue financial instruments with economic or administrative rights, excluding the right to vote in the shareholders’ decisions;
  • There are more opportunities in crisis management in the enterprise innovative start-up and during the control;
  • There is the possibility of using the services made available by ICE for the overseas promotion and internationalization of Italian firms and by Desk Italia;
  • It is provided easier, free of charge and direct access to the Central Guarantee Fund (government fund that facilitates access to credit through the granting of guarantees on bank loans).