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Crowdbooks main purpose consists on democratising the world of publishing by supporting the production of photo books with a community business model of discovery, sharing and support, which is fundamental for the project managers in order to be able to be known - also with their projects, creating new connections and benefits from a multitude of services and specific responsibilities of the edition, fed by a group of specialists made available by Crowdbooks (Graphic designers, Art directors, Color management, Printing, Production...)

Crowdbooks represents a new world publishing perspective, its a hub, which is able to accept and promote new ways of enjoyment - interactions accustomed by the network. Crowdbooks aspiration is to quickly become the worlds main platform, a reference for arts and photo books projects looking for funds, a marketplace made by photo books projects where it will be possible to discover new incredible stories everyday, which couldnt be released for some reasons but are now ready to be supported and financed by the crowd.

A book is, first of all, an instrument of communication, and its highest value is the relationship created between the author and the user. The value of a book lies in the established connections and in the opportunity to increase them. Crowdbooks expands these values, with the task to create and maintain a strong connections network around the book, so that the content reaches the most proper recipients and will be spread in a virtuous way.

Main benefit for the investors:

In addition to the relevant tax reliefs on the invested amounts (as an individual or as a legal entity), you can qualify for a credit equal to 10% of the amount invested in vouchers, valid to buy all the books you want on the platform

Are you a photographer, artist, author? Do you have a book project looking to be published? invest a minimum of 496 , as well as real stakes in the company, you will have a discount equal to the amount invested in the production of your book !

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