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How to invest

Investing in Equity Crowdfunding means facing the world of innovation by providing capital to Italian innovative start-ups taking at the same time advantage of major tax breaks. The whole investment process will be supported by specific and clear information that will easily define the type and characteristics of the investment. The process can be summed up in 6 simple steps:


Browse through the portal and choose the project you are interested in, collecting entrepreneurs’ ideas and motivations and analyzing the abstract contents.

A this first stage, all you need to enter is name, surname and e-mail address, besides your consent to the privacy policy terms. In case of professional investors, before registering you may express your interest by sending us an e-mail to, including your main business information.

Evaluate the technical documentation related to the selected project by analyzing the start-up business plan and any attachments; at this stage you can ask specific questions to the entrepreneur through the appropriate form.

Click on investments and fill out the appropriate form accepting the terms contained therein.

At this stage, a red light will come on and stay on until the following stage is completed.

Decide how much to invest, fill out the investors questionnaire and start the information stage with our partner Assiteca Sim, that you may require to complete the investment. Once you receive confirmation that all your submitted data (personal data and MIFID) have been accepted, the red light will turn green so you can proceed with the investment by wire transfer or through your credit card (if accepted by the relative section). The amount invested will be credited on the escrow account at the bank or investment company where the orders are transmitted to. There will be no investors costs.

In the event the fund collection is completed, after the deadlines prescribed by law for the expression of any right of withdrawal, you will be contacted to complete the process related increasing the capital by becoming a shareholder of the company. Otherwise the capital paid will be returned to you.