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Our Services

Services for the submission of online offers for financial instruments issued by innovative start-ups.

Assiteca Crowd provides innovative start-ups with specific advisory services aimed at accelerating the process of compliance to the current legislation and at assisting the start-ups with their development and sustainable growth. The services are offered in accordance also with external structures of excellence with long-lasting experience. Listed below are the main services offered:

Financial Services

Business Plan analysis and/ or executive summary

This activity consists in checking the compatibility of the economic-financial information provided by the start-ups with the legal requirements. Specifically, it analyzes the way in which the future Issuer comes to the evaluation of the value offered to the subscribing public, in terms of both nominal and premium shares. In order to exclude potential conflicts of interest, under no circumstances such analysis will intervene during the development, even if partial, of the business plan, but it will be limited to a mere analysis of coherence and sustainability.


Legal services

This consulting service involves:

  • adjusting the bylaws and the resolution to increase the capital to the requirements of the relevant civil legislation and of the Equity crowdfunding regulations;
  • implementing, in the form of shareholder agreements, the issuers’ proposals. Also this activity ensures the compliance with the requirements of the relevant civil legislation and of the Equity crowdfunding regulations;
  • providing support to issue the informative prospectus, called "Annex 3", which contains all the information required for Equity crowdfunding operations.

Communication services

These consulting activities consist in:

  • Activity of web agency to revise the Issuer’s corporate website in order to make it conform to the provisions of Law no. 221/2012 (conversion of Growth Decree 2.0);
  • Activity of reviewing/ creating video spots that is reviewing or making a short video explaining the project presented by the Issuer, so that in terms of content, images and technical characteristics it complies with the regulations regarding the solicitation of public savings.

Post offer services

This consulting activity consists of performing a set of compliance operations intended to assure the lawful execution of Equity crowdfunding transactions especially when a large number of investors are involved, as well as providing technical support during the first year of activity.